Deep Facial Cleansing



Dermasound is an ultrasonic facial skin cleansing treatment that uses gentle low frequency sound waves, combined with water, to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, make-up, congestion and sebum.

We believe it is the most relaxing and effective way to conveniently achieve more beautiful skin. It is also highly recommended before Laser Genesis or Pigmentation treatments.

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What does it feel like? Dermasound treatments are a comfortable and gentle experience for most people. A fine mist of water can be felt occasionally as the (non invasive) handpiece moves across the face, nose and/or cheeks.

How long will it take? Most treatments take between 30–60 minutes, and can be easily done before work or during lunchtime.

This treatment works well with;

Laser Open Pores
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Vascular