Dermasound is an ultrasonic facial skin treatment that uses low frequency sound waves combined with water to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, make up congestion and sebum. Cleaning and relaxing your skin’s pores within the cell wall enhances the infusion of nutritional ingredients directly into the cells and restores the skin’s natural balance, leaving your complexion cleaner and fresher.

We believe it is the most relaxing and effective way to conveniently achieve more beautiful skin. It is also highly recommended before skin peels to enhance penetration for maximum result. Perfect for all skin types including patients with sensitive skin, acne, congested, problematic and mature age skin.  This treatment can be used as an anti-ageing skin treatment in combination with our skin care program as advised by the technician.


What does it feel like? Dermasound treatments are a comfortable and gentle experience for most people. A fine mist of water can be felt occasionally as the (non invasive) handpiece moves across the nose and/or cheeks.

How long will it take? Most treatments take between 30–60 minutes, and can be easily done before work or during lunchtime.

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