Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers

Rosalie Cosmetic Medicine offers treatments to enhance and restore lost volume in the skin giving a refreshed, firm and younger appearance. This is achieved with Swedish Dermal filler, which is a Non-Animal Hyaluronic gel substance that is biocompatible, biodegradable and occurring naturally in the human skin

Because of the natural ageing process and weight loss, we lose facial fat pads directly under the skin. Diminishing fat pads no longer give the full, plump look of youth around the cheek, tear trough, and mouth areas.

Dermal fillers enable us to help restore these areas, correct asymmetries and enhance natural features by:
• Restoring lost volume to the cheek area
• Enhancing cheekbones
• Plumping up cheek hollowing
• Lifting and eliminating the tired drawn look under the eyes
• Defining the jaw line
• Rejuvenating & enhancing lips
• Filling out the back of hands
• Lifting pitted scarring

Treatment Process
Your treatment will start with a consultation.
We will discuss and assess your areas of concern and recommend the best individual treatment for you. For your comfort, a numbing cream or anaesthetic nerve block is used on the treatment area and Lidocaine a local anaesthetic, that has been added to the dermal filler, numbs the area as it is injected, allowing a more relaxed treatment. The initial consultation and treatment will be approximately 1 hour-1.30 hour. You will be given post treatment instructions and a 10-14 day follow-up appointment.

What can I expect
You will see an instant, subtle refreshed look with best results seen in 4-6 weeks.
Normal activities can be resumed after treatment, however after any injections it is common to have some redness and the area will be tender. Bruising and swelling can develop over the following 12-48 hours. Makeup however, will generally cover this. Because of the ‘down time’ with bruising and swelling it is a good idea to have treatments well clear of special occasions.